Reframe Your Mind

Learn the basics of the Torah NLP method. Based on Rabbi Akiva's incredible approach, Rabbi Amar teaches you how to make the shifts in your mind to live the life you are meant for. 


Meditation & Breath

Learn more about the power of breath and meditation from authentic Torah sources. Transform the way you feel, think and act by learning the tools of mindful living and applying them to your life.

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Harmony Within

Delve into the soul and body dynamics found within you. Learn what Kabbalah and Chassidut say are the keys to holistic living, food, exercise, and focus.

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Loving Companions

Learn about the keys to a great marriage. In this course, Rabbi Amar distills knowledge he has learned from the Torah and through working with hundreds of couples to help them find an empowered and loving relationship.

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Inspirational, Practical, Relevant


Hey there! we are excited to introduce you to SoulBook's unique courses. In each course, Rabbi Chay Amar distills years of learning, teaching, and applying with you. 

Jump into the opportunity of learning, growing and transforming your life. We look forward to seeing you on the courses. 

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