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SoulBoost welcomes you on a journey to discover the real you and the inner qualities that you truly possess. This can only be done by purely working on yourself through personal reflections, meditations, and seminars that will help you understand the genuine powers of the world. 

Engaging with such powers will help you overcome the challenges on the way and realize your true potential, one milestone at a time. 

Far beyond “self-help”, SoulBoost will provide you with tools such as compelling meditations, inspiring seminars, heart-warming stories, and a deeply connecting channel to help you reach what you must become. 

We invite you to become the greater you, one step at a time. 

Meet Our Leader

Rabbi Chay Amar was born in Israel in Dec 1971 and moved to Canada when he was two years old. 

At the age of 16, he moved to Israel and then went on to France to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at Yeshiva University of Aix-les-Bains. 

He then expanded his studies in the Rabbinical College of Manchester for two and a half years where he officially received his Rabbinical Ordination. 

Following this ordination, Rabbi Amar studied at the world-wide headquarters of Lubavitch in New York, before he was appointed as the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s emissary as Assistant Dean of Landow Yeshiva. 

Once married and moved to Miami, he was hired to direct an outreach program and became an officiate as a Sephardic rabbi at the Bal Harbour Shul. 

As these experiences have brought on various challenges and adversity, Rabbi Chay Amar established SoulBoost, a way to guide others on discovering their true potential. 

With hundreds of videos, podcasts, and seminars, Rabbi Amar works to help many in times of crisis and hardships. He frequently receives requests for advice on education, personal issues and marriage counseling.

Having overcome difficult issues and struggling on the way, Chay Amar has used his secondary and tertiary education, as well as the wisdom of the Torah to help him find answers to existential questions such as what is the key to happiness?  

Through his personal transformation, he is now well-equipped to guide others in seeking their true potential. 

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